CCCiC Series

CCCiC ( is an international workshop series set out to discuss issues of collaboration, coordination and communication between informal caregivers, their friends, family members, and health professionals, as well as the design and development of system to support them. The series is organised as part of the activities of the project TOPIC (The Online Platform for Informal Carers), a European project under the AAL (Ambient Assisted Living) Programme that aims to advance the understanding of informal carers’ daily lives and to design ICT solutions addressing their needs.

Past and current research studies recurrently acknowledge the relevance of technological developments to support informal caregivers with their activities and responsibilities, highlighting the demands associated with care work. In Europe, for instance, increasing attention is being dedicated to informal caregivers, due to indicators showing that more than 80% of the care for frail and old people, one of the major groups of care receivers in the region, is informally provided by family members and friends.

Studies in the context of informal care suggest that further research in the area is needed to better understand its demands and to figure out more effective ways for technologies to support people who deal with them.

Therefore, the series targets contribution exploring the above mentioned issues. Early stage research studies in the area as well as contributions exploring the design and evaluation of computer technologies for it are most welcome.

Particularly, the series seeks contribution from a wide range of responses and encourages submission from researchers and practitioners from all around the world. Interdisciplinary participation from designers, developers, sociologists, psychologists, ethnographers, etc. is mostly appreciated so researchers from both academia and industry have the opportunity to share ideas and possibly coordinate their efforts.